mips surface inspection

mevisco introduces new system for surface inspection.

Manufacturers in many branches of industry are demanding ever-higher standards of surface quality and appearance. That's because their customers require absolutely blemish-free products, especially when it comes to shiny or reflective surfaces.

We developed the mips surface inspection system to ensure producers meet the high quality requirements of reflective or semi-reflective surfaces as well as achieving verifiable, defined standards.

Our surface inspection solutions are customised, high-end image processing systems directly integrated into production plants. They reliably detect even the smallest surface faults such as scratches, pores, indentations and grinding or polishing flaws.

mips surface inspection delivers a documented 100% surface inspection as well as a reliable evaluation for control of the production plant. It reliably detects surface irregularities and distinguishes between permitted deviations and defects according to their intensity.

Application examples are inspection of touchscreens for tablets or smartphones or defect detection on attachment and interior parts in the automotive industry as well as the Inspection of shiny surfaces on consumer electronics products.